Be determined. It’s good for your health.


“The black hole of depression is not a place to be” said a close friend of mine. “Being scared of everything, always negative, and having no appetite for food or life makes you realize you have to do something .” So, with a resolve that never wavered, she pulled herself out of those dark feelings. Continue Reading

Get on your bike! It’s good for your health.

Get on your bike! It’s good for your health.

Hands up if you like to “get on your bike”! That’s great if you do. Not only is pedalling along in the fresh air a fun way to exercise, it’s good for your health. Cycling benefits mind and body. It increases physical, mental and social activity levels, boosts emotional health, improves well-being Continue Reading

Keep thought buoyant! It’s good for your health

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Watching the nightly news can be depressing. Even bad news from family or friends can drag your spirits down. Overcoming that “sinking feeling” and staying on top, can be tough. Yet no matter how distressing the situation, you can keep thought buoyant and positive. Mental buoyancy can keep your head Continue Reading