Keep thought buoyant! It’s good for your health

©Glow Images by Rubberball. Model used for illustrative purposes.

Watching the nightly news can be depressing. Even bad news from family or friends can drag your spirits down. Overcoming that “sinking feeling” and staying on top, can be tough. Yet no matter how distressing the situation, you can keep thought buoyant and positive. Mental buoyancy can keep your head Continue Reading

Forgive and forget! It’s good for your health

Give the gift of forgiveness.

Forgive and forget! It’s easy to say, but often hard to do. While forgiveness is good for the soul, there’s another benefit from being a forgiving person – it’s good for your health. No one wants to keep reliving the moment when someone said or did something unkind, or carry around hurt feelings, Continue Reading

Renovate thinking. It’s good for your health

Improve your state of mind.

Renovation shows are so popular on TV. But there’s a different kind of makeover - one that doesn’t deal with outward things that others can see. The one I’m thinking of is more private, personal and intimate in nature. It’s what I call a “facelift” for the mind - a way to renovate thinking, and it’s Continue Reading