Radio: Be determined! It’s good for your health


LISTEN to Be determined. It’s good for your health on the following stations WEDNESDAY,  MAY 13th, 2015  VICTORIA: 8.00pm 3RPH Melbourne 1179 AM,     3GPH Geelong 99.5 FM,        3BPH Bendigo 88.7 FM  3MPH Mildura 107.5 FM,        3SPH Shepparton 100.1 FM 3RPH/T Warragul 93.5 FM,   3RPH/T Continue Reading

Celebrate Mothering! It’s good for your health.

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Mothers! Everybody has one. That’s why in May, Australians celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a time when children of all ages remember their Mum’s nurturing and caring of them by visiting her, or giving a gift or flowers. On this special day there’s a good reason to celebrate mothering, and it’s good for Continue Reading