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© Glow Images

In the Media regularly highlights articles, blog posts, and videos from the Web that illustrate the connection between spirituality, thought and health. These examples present the validity of this connection, explain why there is a connection, or show how it works in people’s lives by restoring their health and wellbeing.

Here is a firsthand account from Neil. He was healed of symptoms of bipolar disorder, suicidal tendencies, and substance abuse through Christian Science prayer. Now he’s living a life unimaginable to him before, of peace and happiness.

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I'm a Melbourne based health writer who provides a perspective on the connection between spirituality, thought and health. As a keen blogger, my aim is to provide the public with a diversity of health content including research into the mind-body connection and how thought affects health.


  1. Robin says

    Thank you for sharing this remarkable healing. What a wonderful transformation Christian Science made in your life, Neil. It is really important for the world to know that bi-polar disorder can be healed spiritually. Enjoy your life and have a happy Christmas!