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© Glow Images

What do you do if you are diseased, having medical treatment and on medication?  Can prayer help? Here’s a video from the Web that illustrates the connection between spirituality, thought and health. Such an example presents the validity of this powerful connection and shows how it works in a person’s life by restoring health and wellbeing. Watch this video. Be inspired. Be encouraged. This is a real person with a real experience of healing.

Meet Richard. He was going through chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s disease, a form of cancer, for the second time in two years. He’d started reading Science and Health, and his thinking shifted.  Later on, when his physician said he needed further aggressive treatment, Richard asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for him. Within a short time, no further chemotherapy was needed. This happened 23 years ago.


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I'm a Practitioner and Teacher of Christian Science healing in Melbourne, Australia, who also writes on the connection between spirituality and health, and how thought affects health. I like to share tips and ideas with readers on how to live a happy, healthy life.


  1. Pauline says

    Thank you for helping me to see others paths and how we are all led individually to the Christ healing, through Christian Science.

    • Beverly says

      My pleasure Pauline. Thanks for your comment. It’s good to know that everyone has the right to live a happy, healthy, life and that they can do so.

  2. susan johnson says

    What an uplifting experience it was to watch Richard speak of his healing and the change in his life. And he is such a credible and authentic speaker with no need to be dramatic – impossible not to be impressed by him and glad for him.

    Thank you Beverly for presenting for us these stories which show what Christian Science can do.

    • says

      Thank you Susan. So glad you found this video about Richard inspiring. These examples show how thought and body are connected and how someone can experience healing and freedom at any point.