Uniqueness is good for your health.

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Finding a unique and valuable family treasure lurking around the home, or tucked away in a forgotten drawer, is something many of us apparently hope for. Testament to this, is seen in the popularity of the BBC’s long running television program the Antiques Roadshow. Started in 1979, the show is now in its 35th series, and is watched around the world – including here in Australia.

Learning that you have an exceptional item in your keeping, is obviously a thrilling moment for a proud owner. Even for a humble TV viewer like me, there’s a certain delight in viewing some glorious, never-before-seen object. Sometimes it takes your breath away.  Yet this kind of breathtaking excitement is not limited to finding a precious family heirloom. There’s more to uniqueness than meets the eye.

Think about the moment when a person comes up with an unusually brilliant idea – one that eventually goes on to revolutionize or improve the way people live their lives. Imagine the exhilaration he or she must feel when uncovering that gem of a thought.  It’s not too big a leap to contemplate.

Uniqueness isn’t restricted to certain fields of endeavour or to particular people. The ability to take hold of an outstanding idea, is a mental-treasure that lies within each of us. It’s a quality of thought – a bright idea, an original flash of inspiration that lies dormant waiting for the moment of discovery.

That burst of spontaneity may lead to a better way to do things at home, school or work. It could even unearth an idea for how to obtain freedom from some physical ailment. After all, there are many unique approaches that can be taken to achieve good health. One such mind-changing approach unexpectedly presented itself to me when I was a young piano student.

While studying at the Conservatorium of Music in Melbourne, I had many warts over my fingers. They looked hideous. I was also afraid of them. They kept on multiplying. My parents had me try all the known remedies of the day to get rid of them. Nothing worked. Then a radical approach to the problem was given to me in the way of a book on spiritual healing.

The author’s unique presentation of prayer-based, mind-body-spirit ideas, turned out to be a “light bulb” moment for me. I recognized the power of the ideas to free me from the fear of the unsightly growths.  Instinctively, I responded to what seemed at the time to be a revolutionary way to achieve healing. The result of grasping this mental process, was that the fear left me. With the fear gone, the warts followed suit. Voila, clean hands.

This distinctive, far-reaching way of thinking about health and wellness, was a life-changer.  While my experience may seem surprising at first glance, current research is uncovering known benefits from adopting meditation or prayer into daily health practices.

In outlining the role of spirituality in health care, the University of Maryland Medical Centre states,  In most healing traditions and through generations of healers in the early beginnings of Western medicine, concerns of the body and spirit were intertwined. But with the coming of the scientific revolution and the enlightenment, these considerations were removed from the medical system. Today, however, a growing number of studies reveal that spirituality may play a bigger role in the healing process than the medical community previously thought.”

The uniqueness that spirituality can bring to the health-table could lead to greatness – great ideas for improving health standards, great opportunities to help an individual live a healthier life. While some people may think that they don’t have the capacity for comprehending a ground-breaking thought, or that it’s too deeply buried to find its way to the surface, they needn’t worry. That ability is there. Every person has the potential to uncover a valuable health-idea, and follow the instinct that’s telling them that maybe, just maybe, they’ve found a unique way to achieve good health.

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I'm a Practitioner and Teacher of Christian Science healing in Melbourne, Australia, who also writes on the connection between spirituality and health, and how thought affects health. I like to share tips and ideas with readers on how to live a happy, healthy life.


  1. Pauline Rita Noorts says

    Bravo Beverly, A great idea. So grateful for your weekly ideas. They help us all to see and understand more of the spirituality of man and the universe.

    • says

      Thank you Pauline. So glad you’re finding the weekly blogs helpful. There are great ideas for improving health standards and great opportunities to help an individual live a healthier life. Spiritual ideas can fit in the uniquely helpful category.

  2. Robin Clarke says

    What an interesting quote you provided about how scientific medicine has separated itself from spirituality. That makes sense to me. Recently, a young, new mother I know was seeking reassurance and healing. When she turned to a medical practitioner, her time was limited to ten minutes. Sure, she got antibiotics and some quick advice, but the deeper need was not met. It is wonderful to hear of your healing of warts as the whole person was addressed, including how to overcome fear. This sort of healing goes beyond a quick fix of just the outward physical condition. Thanks for sharing this treasure!

    • says

      Thank you Robin for your comment. Good to have your thoughts. Yes the healing I experienced was a unique answer – one that has certainly encouraged me to explore the benefits of spirituality to health and healing. As I said, “Every person has the potential to uncover a valuable health-idea, and follow the instinct that’s telling them that maybe, just maybe, they’ve found a unique way to achieve good health.

  3. Deborah Packer says

    Beverly, thank you for this thoughtful article. I too have been healed through spiritualising thought. In particular I am grateful for overcoming debilitating allergies. I have been totally free of this longstandng condition now for many years – I am totally unaffected by animals, plants, weather or climate. This knowledge that spiritual growth can bring improved physical conditions is a source of great comfort.

    • says

      Thank you for your comment Deborah. I’m pleased to hear that you’ve found freedom from debilitating allergies. Well done. The uniqueness that spirituality can bring to our life is something to be glad about. It’s possible for everyone to uncover a valuable health-idea and gain better health and wellness.

  4. Kerri says

    What a wonderful moment, to see that health can be instantaneous when prayer-based. Thanks for sharing your healing and those thoughts Beverly. I really appreciate the insight.

    • says

      Thank you Kerri for your comment. It’s exciting to see the possibilities of taking a unique approach to health and wellness. My hands are still clean today. More importantly is the freedom from the fear of such growths. It shows that a distinctive, far-reaching way of thinking about health and wellness, can be a life-changer for anyone.

  5. Travis says

    Your blog this week has given me much to ponder – as have many of your previous thoughtful contributions. Thank you for the clear message that “there’s more to uniqueness than meets the eye”. How wonderful to have a fresh, spiritual perspective on the fascinating topic of uniqueness! It’s so important for each of us to value and utilize the unique talents or abilities that we already possess, especially those that may reveal avenues for achieving good health.

  6. says

    Thank you Travis for your comment. I am so pleased that you are enjoying my posts. I like your idea that uniqueness applies to the talents and qualities that each of us expresses. It also applies to the way we think and act – how we express our individuality. Each of us has a distinct way about us and that makes us unique in our own right.

  7. Neil Bradley says

    Thank you for your blog. Seeking a spiritual rather than a medical solution to ones needs, physical and otherwise has worked for me for over 40 years and I know that it works and enhances my abilities in ways that I once would not have thought possible.

    • says

      Thank you Neil for your comment. That is wonderful to know that you too have employed a uniquely spiritual method in dealing with health and other issues for that period of time. That is inspiring and encouraging. Keep up the good work.

  8. susan johnson says

    Dear Beverly, thank you for this article. Not only does it assure us of the value of a spiritual approach in dealing with health, and indeed with all the other issues we have in our lives, but it is helpful for those who feel ‘different’. Within the community, there are always those who feel like outsiders, and for them to celebrate their uniqueness, the gifts they have, and the fact that they are loved by God can only make them feel much more accepted.

    • says

      Thank you Susan for your comment. It is encouraging to know that everyone is a unique individual with gifts and good ideas. Those ideas can bring forward a range of benefits, some of which can result in better health or harmony, as well as greater acceptance for diverse ideas.

    • says

      Thanks Annie for leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed this post. Uniqueness is important to uncovering a valuable health-idea, and following the instinct that’s telling you that maybe, just maybe, you’ve found a unique way to achieve good health.