Mentally soar! It’s good for your health.

Soaring mentally.
© Hot air balloons over Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia
Photo: Beverly Goldsmith

Do you ever get down-in-the-dumps? If so, you’re not alone. It isn’t uncommon for generally happy people to become heavy-hearted at times. However when this occurs, it’s possible to fire-up your “thought-burners” and mentally soar above sadness or disappointment.

No one wants to be dejected. It’s downright unpleasant, to say the least. It’s much better to enjoy that happy vibe which comes naturally to most of us. So how do you mentally rise out of gloom when your spirits plummet? Here’s a clue.

Leave the ground. Let your thoughts rise.

I once watched four colorful hot air balloons hover silently, majestically, in the early morning sky over the Melbourne Cricket Ground from my hotel room on the twentieth floor. As I stood captivated by their close proximity, they suddenly rose upwards and glided away with effortless ease. A boost of the hot air that filled them, allowed them to soar high above the ground – seemingly free of earthbound restrictions.

This hints at what can be done when one gets dragged down by joyless activities, family problems, unhappy relationships, or unfulfilling employment. On such occasions, it’s possible to fuel one’s thinking with the uplifting thought-quality of hope, and experience that mental lift-off which allows one’s spirits to rise.

In his book “The Anatomy of Hope,” Harvard Medical School professor Jerome Groopman says, hopeful thinking is well documented as having positive mental and physiological effects. That’s because hope is an emotion-raising attitude that includes the mental qualities of confidence, optimism, expectation of good, and even empowering faith. With the fuel of hopefulness on board, thinking can soar effortlessly upwards.


● Get ready for a mental lift-off. Let the spark of hope that resides permanently within your thinking, ignite your mental flight-burners so your emotions can soar over negative feelings.

● Allow the warm-air of gratitude to heat-up your heart and mind. Gratitude is another fuel for soaring. Be grateful for the good times you’ve already experienced, and for the glad times that have yet to come. Such gratitude prepares you to be the receiver of further good in your life.

Believe you can fly.

It’s possible to let your spirits soar with the mental energy of firm belief. It’s not hard to do. Some people believe they can achieve the happiness they desire. Others believe they can’t.

For the  positive believer, there’s a confidence that all things are possible to the person that believes. This is not pie-in-the-sky thinking. Many people have gained happiness and contentment because they believed they could do so.

This message is reinforced by American singer-song writer R. Kelly  in his Grammy-award winning song “I believe I can fly”. He believes that everyone “can fly”, “touch the sky”, spread their “wings”, “soar”, and “run through an open door” – in other words, achieve their goal.


● Believe that contentment and joy can be achieved. If others can be contented and joyous, then so can you.

● Be confident that your thinking can soar mentally upwards. It’s possible for you to experience exhilaration and freedom from despondency.

Stand tall. Elevate your thinking.

There are times when it seems easier to stay discouraged than make the effort to rise above fear and hopelessness. However, such mental resignation doesn’t bring freedom. In this situation, the answer can be to mentally “stand tall” – to stand up to negative feelings and elevate thinking. Here’s an example.

Two men went fishing one morning in a small rowboat. Later that day, before they knew it, they were enveloped in thick fog and unable to see land. As they drifted dangerously out to sea, fear set in. Then one man had an idea – gain elevation. Obeying the thought, he carefully stood up in the boat. As he did so, his head rose above the low-level fog. From his elevated position he could see the shoreline. They were able to row safely towards the land.


● Stand tall mentally.  Let your thought lift effortlessly above the fog of discouragement and downheartedness.

● Expect to “Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good.” – to triumph over being discouraged or downhearted. (Science and Health p. 393:12, Mary Baker Eddy)

● Have the kind of self-assurance that is underpinned by an intuitive sense that there is an accessible source of mental power outside of, and not dependent on, any human condition. This can raise your spirits, enable you to soar mentally and find peace and happiness.

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I'm a Practitioner and Teacher of Christian Science healing in Melbourne, Australia, who also writes on the connection between spirituality and health, and how thought affects health. I like to share tips and ideas with readers on how to live a happy, healthy life.


  1. Neil Bradley says

    Yes it is so important to keep ones thought up and rise above all the negativity that is presented to us these days. As Shakespeare said ‘Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.’ We all have a choice, think good (uplifting) or think bad (down putting). My choice is to be uplifted.

    • says

      Thank you Neil for your comment. Glad to know that you’ve made the choice to think good uplifting thoughts. Well done. It is always possible to lift thought up and not be de-pressed. As you said, it’s all about making a choice.

  2. Simon D says

    Beverly, I like your comment – Stand tall mentally. One of the most effective ways to do this is to write a gratitude list. Over the years I have done this many times. It gives you a page (or 2) of evidence of all the goodness in your life and puts things in clear perspective.

    • says

      Thanks Simon for your comment. Good idea about using a gratitude list to “stand tall mentally”. Gratitude is a fuel for getting a lift-up in thinking. It raises our spirits and brings happiness and peace of mind.

  3. Yvonne says

    Another helpful blog Beverly, just what I needed to hear.
    “uplift your thought with courage go” mentioned in hymn139.

    • says

      Thank you Yvonne for your comment. So glad you found the idea of soaring mentally helpful to you. Yes it’s important to add courage into your “mental fuel”. Courage is a quality that strengthens one’s ability to rise above gloomy thinking and that’s something we can all do.

  4. Brian says

    The example of being fog-bound in a rowboat is a gem. I can picture the situation clearly in my mind’s eye. The simple analogy of standing tall above the fog of fearful thinking is a wonderfully powerful message. So often there’s a simple solution when feeling overwhelmed by fear. Spiritual intuitions are always right at hand to calm and guide us in the right direction.

    • says

      Thank you Brian for your comment. I’m delighted that you liked the story of the men that became fog-bound in a boat. As you say, “often there’s a simple solution when feeling overwhelmed by fear”. I’ve certainly found this to be true. Raising my thinking out of doom and gloom by affirming that there’s always an answer in every situation, I’ve been able to mentally soar and be free of doubt and worry.

  5. Verity says

    I have been up in a hot air balloon and it’s an amazing experience. It’s not windy – at all. That is because you are moving with the wind. It’s effortless and calm. If we let our lives move with the current of Joy, this too, can become effortless. We are just there. Just be-ing. It’s cool. It’s ‘uplifting’.

    • says

      Thanks Verity for your comment. How wonderful that you’ve soared in a hot air balloon. What an experience! I love the idea of no wind up there to blow you around – just effortless calm. Joy is a upward-lifting quality of thought that enables you to rise above gloominess and move forward with grace and ease.

  6. Trish says

    Thank you Beverley, You have explained wrong thinking do simply, I love the analogy of the fishermen in the boat. Our thoughts can rise above doubt and fear always.

    • says

      Thank you Trish for your comment. So glad you liked the story of the men in the boat. It encourages us to remember that the answer is often simple – uncomplicated. Also that a change of thought – of mental perspective, enables us to soar and triumph over danger and despair.